Fishing Adventure-Enjoying Eating Your Catch

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When you go for fishing adventure, are going to eat your catch? The answer will be “No”, “Yes”, “Maybe”, “Sometime” or “It depend..”. Anglers normally enjoying landing a good fish. It is advisable to practice catch and released. If you are humanitarian enough not to kill the fish, then why are you putting a hook in its mouth. But for some people the thrill of the challenge is enough, and there is no need to go any further.

fishing adventure catching fishing eating

“Queuing please……I know you all hungry” said houseboat captain. (location: Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu)


Fishing Adventure


It was a pleasant moment having nice food serve. We need energy before fishing adventure start. Everybody enjoy having good food with wonderful scenery.


fishing adventure eating and fishing 1

Delicious……… special dishes form special place. (location: Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu)


However, if you already plan to eat the fish you catch, you should do a research first, to know what are the species live in the water and be sure what kind bait to use in order for you to increase the possibilities landed the targeted fish. It may be that the available species are not really the kind of fish you want to eat. It is true that everyone has different tastes, but there is no doubt that some tastes are so out there that most people will not consider it to be worth the effort of acquiring them. If you can find nearby a fishing location with a fair supply of the kind of fish that you want to eat, then it is all the better for you.


fishing adventure eating on kenyir houseboat

Unique Tasik Kenyir houseboat


Last but not least, learning how to prepare them for cooking is also important. The fish that you hook will not be ready for eating yet unless you cleaned and filleted properly. With your best effort, you also need to know several ways to cook them nicely. Not only to have a great fishing adventure but also enjoy having good dish.

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