You Should Have Seen The One That Got Away

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There is a popular running joke which is used to gently mock fishermen. It essentially runs that a fisherman who shows off his catch looks apologetic at its relatively small size, and says to their audience you should have seen the one that got away. It was huge. Commonly, this joke is expanded upon by the unfortunate angler spreading their arms wide, to demonstrate the length of the fish which, by the fourth telling of the story, has begun to rival Moby Dick in terms of size.

Fishing Joke

There is a grain of truth in the stereotype, but no more so than that which exists for any hobby. You will always find at least one golfer in any club that you walk into who shows you, by means of putting their thumb and forefinger very close together, how close they were to getting a hole in one. The keen amateur soccer player will talk of a goal they scored which, when they originally hit it, was about ten yards out. By the time they have finished talking about it, they will be saying how they were somewhere around the halfway line.

This kind of bravado exists anywhere where there is competition. It is mostly self-mocking in any case, where people jokingly plead with you to believe that they are so good at what they do that they can achieve feats that are beyond the reach of a mere mortal. And frankly, it is what makes most hobbies so much fun. We would be nowhere without our boasts. Cannot stop to laugh when I heard this sentence “You Should Have Seen The One That Got Away” Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaaa……..

great fishing joke

You should has seen the one that got away………..


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Patin is one of the most popular fish in Malaysia. Also known in English as Catfish. You can find this fish a lot at Temerloh, Pahang, now Temerloh also known as ” Town of Patin” . Wild patin has high commercial value in the market. There are a lot of fish cage in the river along Pahang river that cultured this fish.

Wild Patin


temerloh home of patin

Successful catch Fruit Catfish

Brief Info:

  • scientific name – Pangasius
  • commonly known as catfish pond, catfish cage, river catfish (fruit catfish and golden catfish)
  • have various color depending on it habitat
  • can grow up to over 1 meter long
  • weight up to 40 kilogram
  • best bait – river shrimps, worm, palm oil fruit
  • best fishing spot – deep and medium water current

Beside that, Patin has become popular dish in Pahang. The freshwater fish will be nicely cook with durian paste and also with some natural ingredients. Nowadays there are many food courts and restaurants serve this savory dish. The price for wild river catfish can be a lot higher compare to catfish that cultured in pond or river cage.

As an anglers you must try to land this fish. This fish not is easy to defeat if you catch a good size. It can take a lot of your line before it get tired. Often it dive into the deep fast current and break your line. Sometime it also make you in difficult situation if it get stuck with old root and log underwater.

Fishing Bait Dilemma

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What in your mind when you go fishing and come home empty handed, normally a lot of complaint will appear. Some anglers may may admit not their luck but other will throw any one of a number of reasons. Basically fishing world is not that simple. As an anglers you need to know about good fishing bait, in order for you to determine the specific reason why you come home empty handed from fishing trip. Often, most of it due to your fishing bait. Best fishing bait selection is the main criteria for you to catch your trophy.

Fishing Bait


multi fishing bait multiple catch

Multiple catch with multi bait type

There are many fishing technique and fishing spot that required specific fishing bait. Knowing the best bait to use will ensure your great achievement. Depending on what kind of fishing you are doing, you will need different kinds of bait. There are several element you need to consider before choosing your bait such as fishing spot ecosystem, bait quality, native fresh bait, homemade bait or modern lure.

Universal bait such as worm and maggot can generate you a good fishing result or it will go better if you use a fatter longer worm. In reality, with and great fishing research and development, there are many type of fishing lure and soft plastic in the market that also have great credibility. It come handy for you as long as you are willing to spend.

On top of that, there are anglers who will swear by using bait that they have made themselves, with many arguing that bread is an excellent standby. The simple truth is that choosing your bait is not that simple. It up to you whether to use natural fresh native bait, commercial bait that sell at fishing shop or fish market or modern lure and soft plastic.

Last but not least, you have to consider the type of fishing equipment. Your fishing gear must suit with your bait you want to use. Sometime, when you are trying to land a fish that you want to hooked other fish just keep on bite it, then you need to change your bait. Here are example why your need to have more than one type of bait in your fishing trip. This is just one example, and there are many others. Ask around with more experienced fishermen to see if they have any useful tips to break your fishing bait dilemma.

Fishing Gear-Knowing When To Upgrade

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One thing that you can absolutely guarantee about any hobby is that the longer you practice it, the more and better gear you will accumulate. Even if the word better is the wrong word to use here, more sophisticated fishing gear would be appropriate. Everybody have their own reason and taste and it is unquestionable that the more often you go fishing, the more you will be aware of how additional and more developed equipment will benefit you in terms of catching more and bigger fish. Focusing in this matter, yes money will buy anything for you. The difficult part is only how strong your financial capabilities.

Fishing Gear


Fishing gear, Penn reelAs a consequence, you will become more conscious of the fact that, after a while, equipment needs to be renewed and replaced. You need to find a very good reason to visit your favourite fishing shop and pay for the items you pick. hopefully you really know what kind of fishing gear fit to you. The important element is to use your the specific equipment at their ideal capabilities otherwise u will over use and damage it.

Fishing equipment can be divided roughly into permanent items such as rods and reels which you can use for years, if they are properly maintained and other items such as line and hooks are more perishable. Fishing line will become frayed and weakened as time goes on, and hooks will become blunt. These will need to be replaced quite regularly. As a rule, you should have spares in any case. Rods and reels are a different matter, you must ensure your rod no faulty and service your reel after several trips.

Freshwater fishing gear can not be use to for saltwater because it will suffer corrosive and damage it. Then you must ensure to use them separately. Some anglers use to improvise their gears by using non corrosive gear and equipment that can be perform well for freshwater and saltwater fishing.Furthermore when you use jigging technique, several PE ratio rod required in order for your to get the perfect balance between jig weight and fish size. Imbalance of jigging equipment, often bring upset result.

Knowing when the rod you are using has had its day will rely on you being aware that it is giving you less performance. Easiest way to identify is your rod over bend then normal when you catch same size of fish. It may be that the rod has been weakened over time by the amount it has to bend in order for you to reel in a fish. A reel may begin to stick somewhat, and you will have to work harder to lad those fish that you hook.Once this has begun to happen, you will need to look at replacing the equipment that is causing the problems. If you do not want to throw out a faithful old rod, then keep it and use it less regularly.

Fishing Adventure Asia-Expect the Unexpected

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Every where I go reel and rod must follow. Why ? It is because when you travel, often you will saw good fishing spot somewhere in a sunny day. The huge advantage to bring along your equipment is you can always go fishing anywhere along your journey. Unexpected fishing adventure trip sometimes create a good chances landed a good catch. Not only a miles away from the grind of work and personal life, but you are able to spend your free time on a riverbank or boat, challenging yourself against the best that the marine world can throw at you. Satisfaction is yours when you are manage to fight the unexpected great fish.

Fishing Adventure


fishing adventure gear

Fishing gear ready for action

Fishing trip are big business in this day, their cost increased day by day. Financial constraint sometime make you feel down.Hardworking people like us, sometime have difficulties to find good time to go fishing due to our unapproved leave, work and family matters. Unexpected fishing trip during your journey are best practice and cost saving.

Nowadays, stress become major problem. It is a good thing to do, if you can get rid of some of the stresses by battling to land a larger fish. It is these kind of experiences that make a fishing  memorable, after all.

The big question for you,  are going to bring your fishing equipment everywhere you go ? Is there any space left in your car boot. However, it depend on what kind of fishing adventure you enjoy most. If you are keen on sea fishing then if you travel along major areas of coastline in the world, bring in your equipment might be just perfect. If you are more of a riverbank, then bring along your “thing” when you traveling somewhere more rural area. In the end it is up to you, and the main thing is that you enjoy yourself.

Toman – Gaint Snakehead

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Toman is one of the fish sought for by freshwater angler. Also known in English as Giant Snakehead, Toman population is distributed across South East Asia countries; Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos.


Toman aka Giant Snakehed                                                             Photo source:

Brief Info:

  • scientific name – Channa micropeltes
  • can crawl and breathe on land
  • also known as Giant mudfish
  • can grow up to over 1 meter long and maximum
  • weight up to 20 kilogram
  • best bait – smaller live fish e.g. catfish

Although many people like eating as a dish, they are popular to freshwater angler due to its strong fight. Most anglers just want to feel the thrill to hunt Toman, take photos and then release them back into the water. Some people say that it is very smart as they will quickly dive into the shrub or stump under water making it very difficult to land. More often, your line will snap because of the fight or when it got stuck to wherever place the fish is hiding.



Malaysia, Asia Fishing Destination

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When you talk about Asia fishing destination, Malaysia should not be left out. Apart from Rompin or Kuala Rompin in Pahang. There are many more fishing spots that offers an unforgettable experience due to its great catch. Special species only found in Malaysia or the south east part of the Asia. Here we can enjoying breathtaking and beautiful nature.

Asia Fishing Destination


For freshwater fishing, here are the list of top 5 fishing destination in Malaysia:


  1. Tasik Kenyir  in Pahang / Terengganu (the water spreads into 2 states)

  2. Sungai Tembeling of Taman Negara, Pahang

  3. Kuala Koh in Kelantan

  4. Tasik Temenggor in Perak

  5. Royal Belum State Park, Perak


asia fishing destination kuala koh

Asia fishing destination – Kuala Koh

For saltwater or sea fishing the top 5 fishing spots are:


  1. Off the shore of Pulau Perhentian, Redang and Kapas in Terengganu.

  2. Kuala Rompin, Pahang

  3. Pulau Jarak in Perak

  4. Pulau Pemangil, Mersing, Johor

  5. Tukun Perak, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

I have been to most of the fishing spots above. I am gathering all the photos from my previous fishing trips before I can start writing about them. I hope you will stick around and come to check my posts regularly. I promise that it will all be worth it!!

Some Malay words to learn:

  1. Tasik – lake
  2. Pulau – island
  3. Taman – park
  4. Negara – country / national
  5. Pancing / memancing – fishing

Catching Fish To Eat

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Although many people eat fish, and many go fishing, there is a surprisingly small subgroup of people who do not put the two together by eating what they catch. Are you catching fish to eat?. In some communities it is the major reason people go fishing, but in most of the West fishing is viewed more as a leisure pursuit. However, if you happen to be a good angler, and have a plentiful stock of edible fish in your nearby rivers and streams, then it is more than possible to save money on groceries by catching, cleaning, filleting and cooking fish.

Consideration To Take When Catching Fish To Eat


The first thing you need to make sure of is that the fish you catch are of a species that is genuinely palatable. Although, in a pinch, you could eat most species of fish there is no doubt that some are far from pleasant to eat. While cod, haddock and plaice among others are universally popular, there are very few people who could really bear to eat for example a dogfish. Finding edible breeds in your nearby lakes is as simple a matter as checking what species are native to your area and checking out recipes online.

Not all anglers catching fish to eat. Sport fishing always do catch and released. For them they prefer to enjoy moment fighting big strong fish.

In reality, not everyone is a good chef. Important parts of food preparation are in the early stages before the food is even placed in the oven or frying pan. Unlike most meat, fish are full of small bones, and it is important remove these before attempting cook the fish. If this is not done, not only will the texture be unpleasant, but swallowed bones can cause problems.

You Won’t Get It Right, Right Away

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If you are relatively new to fishing, then you may find that it is considerably more difficult than it looks. After all, there is no shortage of people who look at the basic concept and think that it looks pretty simple. Cast line, wait, reel in the fish. Simple. What could be easier? On the first attempt, one will usually find that this is so far from being the truth that it is simply embarrassing. In actual fact, there is so much more to fishing that it can take years to get good at it.

Effective Technique in Fishing Will Only Come With Practice


As with anything, effective technique in fishing will only come with practice. You can watch instructional videos and read any number of books and online guides, but the truth of the matter is that actually doing something can take a lot more mental effort than running through it in your mind, and will definitely be a lot more physically draining. It is well worth informing yourself on details beforehand, but once you have done that you are simply ready to start learning properly as opposed to being a master of the craft.

The only way that you really master fishing as a pursuit is by having the experience to know what to do in any situation. Angling can present you with any number of seemingly intractable situations, and if you have not experienced them before  or anything like them, then it is obvious that you will have great difficulty getting through them. Therefore you must hone your technique, and this is something that will only come with repeated practice.