Catching Fish To Eat

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Although many people eat fish, and many go fishing, there is a surprisingly small subgroup of people who do not put the two together by eating what they catch. Are you catching fish to eat?. In some communities it is the major reason people go fishing, but in most of the West fishing is viewed more as a leisure pursuit. However, if you happen to be a good angler, and have a plentiful stock of edible fish in your nearby rivers and streams, then it is more than possible to save money on groceries by catching, cleaning, filleting and cooking fish.

Consideration To Take When Catching Fish To Eat


The first thing you need to make sure of is that the fish you catch are of a species that is genuinely palatable. Although, in a pinch, you could eat most species of fish there is no doubt that some are far from pleasant to eat. While cod, haddock and plaice among others are universally popular, there are very few people who could really bear to eat for example a dogfish. Finding edible breeds in your nearby lakes is as simple a matter as checking what species are native to your area and checking out recipes online.

Not all anglers catching fish to eat. Sport fishing always do catch and released. For them they prefer to enjoy moment fighting big strong fish.

In reality, not everyone is a good chef. Important parts of food preparation are in the early stages before the food is even placed in the oven or frying pan. Unlike most meat, fish are full of small bones, and it is important remove these before attempting cook the fish. If this is not done, not only will the texture be unpleasant, but swallowed bones can cause problems.