Squid Jigging Adventure – Terengganu

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You must try it! then you will feel the excitement famous yearly activity at Marang, Terengganu. Located about 5 hours driving journey from Kuala Lumpur. Squid jigging spot is near the beautiful Kapas Island. It is the place for billion of squid gather every year to lay their egg. The jigging spot is near the shoreline just 30 minutes by  boat. For beginner, normally boatman will teach you how to jigging squid. It just a simple technique  that anybody can master it. In short time, you will get your rhythm to land a lot of squid.

Squid Jigging


There are a lot of squid jigging adventure package offered by local villager. It is advisable to do your booking early to avoid package has been fully book because it is hot package of the year. Normally squid jigging seasoned will start after monsoon seasoned, between end of March until end of August.

first squid in late evening

Amir… our crew member manage to catch his first squid in late evening


It like a carnival when you can see a lot of  boat light up their light to attract the squid come up into the water surface and gather. Then you just need to let your jig submerge and wait until squid bite it. Sometime it become fiesta when everybody land a multiple big squid. Beside jigging skillful fisherman use a net to scoop up the squid that swim on top of the water. It was a great experience when everybody enjoy their night with a big laugh an joke.

squid jigging carnival

Squid jigging carnival – bright light from other boat


For me, the best part during squid jigging adventure is boatman will cook the fresh squid and serve it as our dinner. Beside that you also can earn your pocket money if you are able to catch more because this squid have a good price in the market. Now it become my yearly event to come to Terengganu for exciting squid jigging with friend.

squid fiesta

Satisfaction guarantee….. multiple size of squid