Toman – Gaint Snakehead

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Toman is one of the fish sought for by freshwater angler. Also known in English as Giant Snakehead, Toman population is distributed across South East Asia countries; Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos.


Toman aka Giant Snakehed                                                             Photo source:

Brief Info:

  • scientific name – Channa micropeltes
  • can crawl and breathe on land
  • also known as Giant mudfish
  • can grow up to over 1 meter long and maximum
  • weight up to 20 kilogram
  • best bait – smaller live fish e.g. catfish

Although many people like eating as a dish, they are popular to freshwater angler due to its strong fight. Most anglers just want to feel the thrill to hunt Toman, take photos and then release them back into the water. Some people say that it is very smart as they will quickly dive into the shrub or stump under water making it very difficult to land. More often, your line will snap because of the fight or when it got stuck to wherever place the fish is hiding.