Fishing Adventure Asia-Expect the Unexpected

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Every where I go reel and rod must follow. Why ? It is because when you travel, often you will saw good fishing spot somewhere in a sunny day. The huge advantage to bring along your equipment is you can always go fishing anywhere along your journey. Unexpected fishing adventure trip sometimes create a good chances landed a good catch. Not only a miles away from the grind of work and personal life, but you are able to spend your free time on a riverbank or boat, challenging yourself against the best that the marine world can throw at you. Satisfaction is yours when you are manage to fight the unexpected great fish.

Fishing Adventure


fishing adventure gear

Fishing gear ready for action

Fishing trip are big business in this day, their cost increased day by day. Financial constraint sometime make you feel down.Hardworking people like us, sometime have difficulties to find good time to go fishing due to our unapproved leave, work and family matters. Unexpected fishing trip during your journey are best practice and cost saving.

Nowadays, stress become major problem. It is a good thing to do, if you can get rid of some of the stresses by battling to land a larger fish. It is these kind of experiences that make a fishing  memorable, after all.

The big question for you,¬† are going to bring your fishing equipment everywhere you go ? Is there any space left in your car boot. However, it depend on what kind of fishing adventure you enjoy most. If you are keen on sea fishing then if you travel along major areas of coastline in the world, bring in your equipment might be just perfect. If you are more of a riverbank, then bring along your “thing” when you traveling somewhere more rural area. In the end it is up to you, and the main thing is that you enjoy yourself.