10 Special Fishing Adventure Tips

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All anglers must have a lot of joyful fishing experience. Like our life it has up and down. While fishing we tend to follow our own judgement resulted landed or not a good fish. Along the way, we will learn what are the best practice to achieve our fishing goal. Let’s think outside the box. Here are the 10 special fishing adventure tips while fishing freshwater or saltwater fish.

10 Special Fishing Adventure Tips


Enjoyful Hampala fiesta

Enjoyful Hampala fiesta

All anglers must have a lot of joyful fishing experience. Like our life it has up and down. While fishing we tend to follow our own judgement resulted landed or not a good fish. Along the way, we will learn what are the best practice to achieve our fishing goal. Let’s think outside the box. Here are the 10 special fishing adventure tips while fishing freshwater or saltwater fish.

Tip No. 1  Research and Development

Anglers always do research before go out fishing but how good you perform will have impact on it result. Like a student who learn alone will definitely getting average result compare to excellent student who do group discussion and also always consult with teacher. In fishing world, experience is everything to ensure getting a perfect result. Beside gain knowledge in mass media, try to collect real experience stories from old timer anglers or any fisherman. They have more fishing hours than us. Compress all the valuable information then you will get PERFECTION.

Tip No. 2  Practice Make Perfect

Although you are good angler already, please practice. Learning any fishing skill without practice will make us just like others. For example you can spend your free time to practice precision casting and also special knot required. Here you need to go to polish your skill at the nearest fishing location. It will help you a lot rather than gambling your luck at real battle zone.

Terengganu Twin Croaker

Twin Croaker – Marang, Terengganu

Tip No. 3  Testing and Checking Your Fishing Equipment

Normally, Anglers tend to have their favourite fishing equipment like rod, reel and line. Small fishing accessories like swivel,hook and others normally sit tight in the fishing tool box. You need to check it all to ensure no failure or faulty. Old fishing line need to be change because often it already damage due to hitting rock or hot sun during previous fishing trip. Rusty swivel and hook also need to put aside form our fishing tool box.

Tip No. 4  Equipment Checklist

Normally we always use checklist as our control mechanism in working environment. Here checklist is important to you because to avoid forgetting something important for your fishing trip. This are special fishing adventure tips that you must follow. Beside that, it can always help you to double check whether you bring too much irrelevant equipment. Furthermore, you also can use this checklist as your storage report to know what equipment or accessories need to add or buy. This is important to avoid any unnecessary spending.


Tip No. 5  Diaries  or Logbook

Here it has a magical power in fishing world. Simple note about your fishing trip will help you a lot. Except journalist or writer you will need this information for your future fishing trip. Information especially on your great catch will determine your fishing result later. For example:

a. Fish species

b. Weight

c. Location

d. Date

e. Time

f. Bait

g. Relevant fishing equipment

In time, compilation of this information or more will give you head up on targeted fish behavior. Certain species normally have their special active season. Beside that it also depending on environment and weather factor.

Multiple Malaysia Mahseer

Multiple Malaysia Mahseer

Tip No. 6  Fishing Attire

Camouflage, quick dry, UV resistant, waterproof, windproof and many more are the element in fishing gear or attire. It is important for anglers because it give lot of advantages. Comfortable is a must for everyone especially to compensate hot shinny sun or rain. Today there are many good brand offer their product with a reasonable price range. As long as it serve the purpose, it worthwhile  to spend for your interest. Some anglers believe ware dark color non reflective attire is a must when fishing freshwater fish near the river or rapid.

Tip No. 7  Perfect Bait

Bait selection is a top element in fishing. As an anglers, not knowing what kind of bait to use is a disaster. Expected result will run away from you. You will miss the excitement and just wasting your time. With your research, choose the perfect bait for specific fishing location. Different fishing spot have their own favourite bait. There are many reason why this is happen, normally it due to fishing bait history, fish food chain and environment factor. If you want to catch a great fish in specific location, using fresh native bait is the perfect choice. Beside that, if you use artificial bait, observe your surrounding and fish food chain in order for you to choose the artificial bait that have same characteristic with native fresh bait. It is advisable to bring a lot of different bait if you not sure what kind of bait to use especially in new fishing spot. Furthermore if you using good fresh bait, always check and change your bait wisely. Sometime small fish already taken it away without any sign.

Tip No. 8  Teamwork

Fishing objective will archive if we have teamwork. It required good team effort in order to have a good result in fishing trip.Most important element in this special fishing adventure tips is not to be a selfish angler but helping other if required. Well planned fishing trip with a great fishing technique  strategy required a lot of teamwork. Good team member always ensure others safety. Beside that, you also need to ensure all team member follow the rule and regulation. Act as an environmental ambassador is a must to ensure members do not damaging fishing place in any ways. Sharing any tip to members to improve their knowledge and result.

Special catch at Marang, Terengganu

Special catch at Marang, Terengganu

Tip No. 9  Focus, Patience and Calm Down

“Not everyday is our day” Always accept any circumstances. Sometime weather or result not in our favor. Weather is a fisherman friend but nowadays it so difficult to read weather perfectly. That why I write this special fishing adventure tips for anglers to think about it. Do not blame other if you get bad result during fishing trip, maybe it just not your luck yet. Another situation that angler wish not to happen is members get sick during fishing trip. It sometime just a normal sea sick or fever but rarely happen it become worst. Please remember if it become worst, trip will be jeopardize and we need to accept it and react fast.

Tip No. 10  Bring Extra Equipment or Tie It

A few anglers already experience of rod and reel jump into the water, this is due to to unexpected powerful fish take the bait. Some angler get back their rod and reel but some admit that their equipment has lost in deep water. So you must follow this special fishing adventure tips to ensure your rod and reel must be tie up properly during fishing adventure period. It also applicable went you do casting, surprise attack from bigger fish sometime can make your hand loose a grip of your equipment. Here in some occasion if you are fishing in a rough sea or dangerous slippery rocky fishing spot, you also need tie up yourself with safety line to avoid any unwanted accident.

special fishing adventure tips ,Malaysia Mackerel

Malaysia Mackerel – Marang, Terengganu


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  1. Kelana nordin says:

    Very useful blog..for me as a beginner there is a lots of tips of fishing..now i know how to handle my machine accordingly.
    Many video from rural area in Malaysia.
    Credit to Shah for the blog.
    Thumbs up for you man.

  2. Frenzyhook says:

    Still learning to write. Hopefully you enjoy it. Wait until my next post…

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