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Patin is one of the most popular fish in Malaysia. Also known in English as Catfish. You can find this fish a lot at Temerloh, Pahang, now Temerloh also known as ” Town of Patin” . Wild patin has high commercial value in the market. There are a lot of fish cage in the river along Pahang river that cultured this fish.

Wild Patin


temerloh home of patin

Successful catch Fruit Catfish

Brief Info:

  • scientific name – Pangasius
  • commonly known as catfish pond, catfish cage, river catfish (fruit catfish and golden catfish)
  • have various color depending on it habitat
  • can grow up to over 1 meter long
  • weight up to 40 kilogram
  • best bait – river shrimps, worm, palm oil fruit
  • best fishing spot – deep and medium water current

Beside that, Patin has become popular dish in Pahang. The freshwater fish will be nicely cook with durian paste and also with some natural ingredients. Nowadays there are many food courts and restaurants serve this savory dish. The price for wild river catfish can be a lot higher compare to catfish that cultured in pond or river cage.

As an anglers you must try to land this fish. This fish not is easy to defeat if you catch a good size. It can take a lot of your line before it get tired. Often it dive into the deep fast current and break your line. Sometime it also make you in difficult situation if it get stuck with old root and log underwater.

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