20kg Giant Fish Baung Pahang River

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During my weekend, I went fishing at the Pahang river, Temerloh. Since the last big flood, there are a few changes to the fishing spot I’ve ever gone before. Without wasting any time I went to a Baung (Mystus) fishing location with fallen trees on the river bank. Properly setup my light fishing gear with cricket as a bait . At the time, the weather was hot and sunny. I took refuge under a tree while waiting for the Giant Fish Baung Pahang River take the bait.

Freshwater Gamefish – Giant Fish Baung Pahang River


Giant fish baung pahang river

20kg Baung

Approximately nearly 30 minutes, audible bell rang. So I immediately reached my rod and reel it hard. I was wondering what kind of fish species they are. Almost 15 minutes, I finally managed to land a medium sized fish called Baung. Luckily the fish do not run towards the fallen trees that reach of the river.

I feel happy  able to land the fish. Without wasting time, I reinstall the bait and cast at the same place. Hopes that the larger fish can be raised. Suddenly I was startled saw my rod bending hard. Luckily rods already tied neatly on a nearby stump.

Apparently there are still some big fish here. Finally I managed to land a rare giant fish baung Pahang river. The weight of the fish is almost 20 kg. My heartbeat is still high the result of a fight with the fish. It was a nice feeling when we catch a big fish. Normally you can find this fish in the deep river bottom with medium water current.

Giant Fish Baung Pahang River

3kg Baung

Large fish like this have very strong stamina. Often it break fishing line if the fish manage to run into the fast water current. Beside cricket, you also can use worm or small fish as a bait. Most proper time to catch this fish is during raining season when water level goes up than normal. Angler believe it is because during raining season this will come out from their nest. Mystus always patrol near the river band  to find their food.

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