Water Temperature For Freshwater Fishing

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Water temperature play important rule when fishing in freshwater. Water tide will be not take into consideration. Here water temperature are the most important element. We need to monitor if there are changes in water temperature during freshwater fishing trip. All species have their own comfortable water temperature. Perfect water temperature will ensure our fishing objective archive. It will give clue to us where are the fish striking zone.

ideal water temperature

Checking temperature….. extremely cold here !!!!

Ideal Water Temperature


Roughly fish will become passive when water is cold. Usually fish will become more active when temperature increase due to sunlight. Fish will move to shallow  water when temperature drop to find warmer spot that suitable for them. Vice versa fish will come back to deep water if temperature too cold for them. That why normally fish love to be near the falling tree or any water plant to get a nice temperature. On top of that, it is easier for predator fish to hunt for their food.

Normally water temperature have interrelated with environment factor such as weather, air pressure, monsoon season or dry season. It is believe that freshwater fish will at their active mode when got significant increase in barometer reading. Fish will become passive again if barometer reading low or drop drastically.

Try to find the most ideal temperature to capture your great catch. Good barometer reading also my be carefully take into consideration when you hunting freshwater fish. Often fish will rest at shallow water at night. In a very hot sunny day fish will run away from shallow water and dive into the deep. Beside that if temperature too hot, fish also like to hide in dim shallow water. Most angler like to cast their lures near the falling tree or dim area to catch predator fish that hide in stealth mode waiting for their food.


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  1. John Rhem says:

    This is a helpful article for all the fishing lover. Everyone do not about this matter. To caught good fish in Freshwater, tamp play an important role. I am also love fishing but do not know about this. Thanks, i gather this important knowledge from here.

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