Fishing Adventure-Enjoying Eating Your Catch

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When you go for fishing adventure, are going to eat your catch? The answer will be “No”, “Yes”, “Maybe”, “Sometime” or “It depend..”. Anglers normally enjoying landing a good fish. It is advisable to practice catch and released. If you are humanitarian enough not to kill the fish, then why are you putting a hook in its mouth. But for some people the thrill of the challenge is enough, and there is no need to go any further.

fishing adventure catching fishing eating

“Queuing please……I know you all hungry” said houseboat captain. (location: Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu)


Fishing Adventure


It was a pleasant moment having nice food serve. We need energy before fishing adventure start. Everybody enjoy having good food with wonderful scenery.


fishing adventure eating and fishing 1

Delicious……… special dishes form special place. (location: Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu)


However, if you already plan to eat the fish you catch, you should do a research first, to know what are the species live in the water and be sure what kind bait to use in order for you to increase the possibilities landed the targeted fish. It may be that the available species are not really the kind of fish you want to eat. It is true that everyone has different tastes, but there is no doubt that some tastes are so out there that most people will not consider it to be worth the effort of acquiring them. If you can find nearby a fishing location with a fair supply of the kind of fish that you want to eat, then it is all the better for you.


fishing adventure eating on kenyir houseboat

Unique Tasik Kenyir houseboat


Last but not least, learning how to prepare them for cooking is also important. The fish that you hook will not be ready for eating yet unless you cleaned and filleted properly. With your best effort, you also need to know several ways to cook them nicely. Not only to have a great fishing adventure but also enjoy having good dish.

Wild Arowana – Taman Negara Kuala Koh

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Fishing in Asia always offer a big surprise. Kelisa is one of the endangered species in Malaysia. Famously known as Arowana. It is one of most valuable aquarium fish in Malaysia. Wild arowana can be found in Southeast Asia. Today, Malaysia have great fisheries knowledge and technologies. There are a lot of arowana breeder especially in Bukit Merah, peninsular Malaysia.

Brief Info:


  • scientific name – Scleropages Formosus
  • have varieties colour (silver, red, gold green, etc)
  • Chinese also called “dragonfish”
  • can grow alomost 1 meter long
  • best bait – small live fish, cricket

Wild Arowana


wild arowana kuala koh

My big surprise !!!! beautiful arowana


This magnificent creature has bite live small bait fish during my fishing trip at Taman Negara Kuala Koh. This National Park located in state of Kelantan, 5 hours driving form Kuala Lumpur. As you can see she live in crystal clear deep slow moving water. This fish is a stealth predator that can attack with a powerful stamina. It can jump almost a meter and break the fishing line. It normally a game fish for a freshwater caster.

wild arowana fishing spot

Best spot to catch wild arowana


Arowana is a popular aquarium fish due to it color appearance. Malaysian normally do not eat this fish. Great anglers must know the rule and regulation especially for endangered species. Catch and released is a a good practice.

Best Fishing Adventure in Asia – Terengganu Secret Spot

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Quality is more important than than quantity. All anglers will have best fishing adventure in Asia. Saltwater fishing adventure is one of the most challenging, thrilling and exciting. Located in Terenggganu, Marang offer varieties of fish. It is one of the interesting fishing spot in Asia. From Kuala Lumpur it take about 4 to 5 hours to reach there by car.Traveling with a group of friend become enjoyable with a lot of funny stories and also great scenery a long the way. Beside that, Terengganu also famous with their local food such as fish cracker snack called “kerepok lekor” and their famous dish consisting of rice steamed in coconut milk, eat together with fish curry called “nasi dagang”.

best fishing in asia our catch

Our catch- varieties of fish

Our boatman Mat Yo has confirmed that weather is good and fresh squid is ready. Upon arriving, we take a good rest at a  warm  and comfortable chalet own by a boatman. It was the best fishing adventure in Asia.


best fishing adventure boatman at his chalet

Boatman welcome us at his chalet


inside cosy chalet

Well maintain chalet


best fishing adventure chalet front view

Chalet just a few feet from water and boat


Best Fishing Adventure in Asia

Here we will using bottom technique. Trolling also effective during mackerel season. Medium and heavy equipment set up ready for a good thrilling moment. Best bait here is a live squid. We arrived at first fishing spot only take 45 minutes. We can saw Kapas island, famous location for squid jigging. In a hour a hour we manage to catch a few snapper.

best fishing adventure waiting fish to bite

Waiting fish to bite


While fishing, boatman share some tips to landed a good fish.

  • Use 3 meter strong leader line.
  • Use life squid
  • Always check your bait
  • Prepare steel leader if a group of barracuda arrive


Everyone manage to get their catch. Can not wait to repeat this fishing adventure, really enjoy the moment and hospitality that Marang can offer. Here are a smiley face. Enjoy……………..

best fishing adventure with smile

Happily ever after……



Toman – Gaint Snakehead

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Toman is one of the fish sought for by freshwater angler. Also known in English as Giant Snakehead, Toman population is distributed across South East Asia countries; Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos.


Toman aka Giant Snakehed                                                             Photo source:

Brief Info:

  • scientific name – Channa micropeltes
  • can crawl and breathe on land
  • also known as Giant mudfish
  • can grow up to over 1 meter long and maximum
  • weight up to 20 kilogram
  • best bait – smaller live fish e.g. catfish

Although many people like eating as a dish, they are popular to freshwater angler due to its strong fight. Most anglers just want to feel the thrill to hunt Toman, take photos and then release them back into the water. Some people say that it is very smart as they will quickly dive into the shrub or stump under water making it very difficult to land. More often, your line will snap because of the fight or when it got stuck to wherever place the fish is hiding.



Kelah The Freshwater King

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Finally I got kelah. It was a kind of a blessing when I managed to catch my first Malaysia Mahseer. It is a powerful fish with long stamina that give a good fight in clear rapid river. Located in the states of Kelantan, Taman Negara Kuala Koh are one of Malaysia national forest reserves that allow angler to go fishing. Before that, we must walk in and do register to get fishing permit.



1st kelah

Then boatman will send you to the fishing spot. Here, we need to built or setup our own tent and cook our own meal. It is a good experience for a person who love camping and adventure activity. Here, we can breath fresh clean air. Some fishing spot don’t even have telecommunication network. It is special fishing spot because have minimal human intervention and modernization.

boatman to spot

Effective Bait

The most effective bait to catch Malaysia Mahseer or Kelah is using palm oil fruit. It must be sprayed with some water and let it fragmented for 3 days before use. Now, the bait will be oily with nice aroma that will attract mahseer.

palm oil fruit

I prefer to use a small diameter line . The main reason is  to reduce line vibration sound underwater. Malaysia mahseer are sensitive and highly alert fish, Malaysian angler said it is a very shy fish. Try to reduce movement and noise as much as you can while fishing. At night and early morning, kill any lighting, and fishing in the dark will give you big surprise. Try to throw your bait near the riverbank, this is because mahseer came out near riverbank to find food at this hour.

Medium and high  capability equipment must be set up. Please check and ensure they are not faulty. Kelah have so much power and can  surprise you. While you waiting for the fish to bite, please remember to tie up your rod otherwise you need to dive to find your rod underwater if the masheer takes it away!!

my 1st Masheer

Udang Galah – Malaysia Freshwater Lobster

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Malaysia freshwater lobster is locally called “Udang Galah”. After monsoon season, weather will become  dry and hot. Sun will warm up the water, now it is the best time to catch freshwater lobster. ” Satisfaction guaranteed ” that is what angler say if they are lucky to catch big size lobster. Good spot must be deep and have  weak water current. Effective baits are worm, baby prawn, small fish, and sometime people also use chicken liver.

Here is my best spot to catch freshwater lobster.

udang galah fishing spot

Best fishing spot

For Malaysian, Udang Galah is one of the best dishes. It give good income for freshwater fisherman. In wet market, the price can be MYR 90 per kilogram!! For angler like us we just go fishing to enjoy the moment while relaxing and getting fresh air.

Udang Galah


This is the victory face captured at Sungai Pahang river, Temerloh.

udang galah

My catch in early morning








Malaysia, Asia Fishing Destination

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When you talk about Asia fishing destination, Malaysia should not be left out. Apart from Rompin or Kuala Rompin in Pahang. There are many more fishing spots that offers an unforgettable experience due to its great catch. Special species only found in Malaysia or the south east part of the Asia. Here we can enjoying breathtaking and beautiful nature.

Asia Fishing Destination


For freshwater fishing, here are the list of top 5 fishing destination in Malaysia:


  1. Tasik Kenyir  in Pahang / Terengganu (the water spreads into 2 states)

  2. Sungai Tembeling of Taman Negara, Pahang

  3. Kuala Koh in Kelantan

  4. Tasik Temenggor in Perak

  5. Royal Belum State Park, Perak


asia fishing destination kuala koh

Asia fishing destination – Kuala Koh

For saltwater or sea fishing the top 5 fishing spots are:


  1. Off the shore of Pulau Perhentian, Redang and Kapas in Terengganu.

  2. Kuala Rompin, Pahang

  3. Pulau Jarak in Perak

  4. Pulau Pemangil, Mersing, Johor

  5. Tukun Perak, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

I have been to most of the fishing spots above. I am gathering all the photos from my previous fishing trips before I can start writing about them. I hope you will stick around and come to check my posts regularly. I promise that it will all be worth it!!

Some Malay words to learn:

  1. Tasik – lake
  2. Pulau – island
  3. Taman – park
  4. Negara – country / national
  5. Pancing / memancing – fishing