Best Fishing Adventure in Asia – Terengganu Secret Spot

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Quality is more important than than quantity. All anglers will have best fishing adventure in Asia. Saltwater fishing adventure is one of the most challenging, thrilling and exciting. Located in Terenggganu, Marang offer varieties of fish. It is one of the interesting fishing spot in Asia. From Kuala Lumpur it take about 4 to 5 hours to reach there by car.Traveling with a group of friend become enjoyable with a lot of funny stories and also great scenery a long the way. Beside that, Terengganu also famous with their local food such as fish cracker snack called “kerepok lekor” and their famous dish consisting of rice steamed in coconut milk, eat together with fish curry called “nasi dagang”.

best fishing in asia our catch

Our catch- varieties of fish

Our boatman Mat Yo has confirmed that weather is good and fresh squid is ready. Upon arriving, we take a good rest at a  warm  and comfortable chalet own by a boatman. It was the best fishing adventure in Asia.


best fishing adventure boatman at his chalet

Boatman welcome us at his chalet


inside cosy chalet

Well maintain chalet


best fishing adventure chalet front view

Chalet just a few feet from water and boat


Best Fishing Adventure in Asia

Here we will using bottom technique. Trolling also effective during mackerel season. Medium and heavy equipment set up ready for a good thrilling moment. Best bait here is a live squid. We arrived at first fishing spot only take 45 minutes. We can saw Kapas island, famous location for squid jigging. In a hour a hour we manage to catch a few snapper.

best fishing adventure waiting fish to bite

Waiting fish to bite


While fishing, boatman share some tips to landed a good fish.

  • Use 3 meter strong leader line.
  • Use life squid
  • Always check your bait
  • Prepare steel leader if a group of barracuda arrive


Everyone manage to get their catch. Can not wait to repeat this fishing adventure, really enjoy the moment and hospitality that Marang can offer. Here are a smiley face. Enjoy……………..

best fishing adventure with smile

Happily ever after……