Fishing Adventure Trick-Quick Released Sinker

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Currently haze has gone away. Hopefully same goes to others country. Let go fishing!!! First of all, personally I would like to thank to all the visitor. Here I would like to share a simple fishing adventure trick that you can try to apply during your fishing adventure trip.

Fishing Adventure Trick-Quick Released Sinker


Normally we use sinker for bottom fishing technique. There are a lot of sinker type and weight depending on it purpose. Sinkers are important to ensure our bait reach the bottom of our fishing spot. It is suggested to bring variety of sinker that have different weight in order for you to perfectly suit the water current. Too light  will make your bait do not reach to bottom. If you use inappropriate heavy sinker, it will make your rod not sensitive enough to signal fish bite. That are one of the reason why sometime your bait always gone without notice it.

Beside that, it will give you another problem if you use too heavy sinker. Inappropriate sinker weight will just make you tired. It also will give extra pressure to your fishing equipment. Often you need to use big reel and heavy rod in other for you to suit with sinker weight.Here you are all wrong, that does not serve the purpose. You go fishing to enjoy the excitement to land a fish not to get tired fighting with your own heavy sinker.

Here are the secret fishing adventure trick quick released sinker trick. The sinker can be released upon strike a fish. It has many ways to do it, you can use normal sinker but do not tie it with your main line directly use additional less strength line to connect it. Upon fish strike that connection will be break of and you will bring up the fish but not the heavy sinker. Bye bye to your heavy sinker.

Can you get it…. upon fish strike you will get 100% fishing excitement. Fighting with the fish only instead of your heavy sinker.

Personally, I pefer not use normal sinker in the market. It is a wasteful if I leave my valuable sinker the sea or river bottom. I use small bag of sand or bigger rock tie it together with less strength fishing line to connect with my main line and will easily released upon strike a fish. Is it awesome………try quick released sinker and you will feel the fishing adventure with real fish fight.

Fishing adventure trick , crew members with great catch at Jarak Island

Crew members with great catch at Jarak Island