Wild Arowana – Taman Negara Kuala Koh

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Fishing in Asia always offer a big surprise. Kelisa is one of the endangered species in Malaysia. Famously known as Arowana. It is one of most valuable aquarium fish in Malaysia. Wild arowana can be found in Southeast Asia. Today, Malaysia have great fisheries knowledge and technologies. There are a lot of arowana breeder especially in Bukit Merah, peninsular Malaysia.

Brief Info:


  • scientific name – Scleropages Formosus
  • have varieties colour (silver, red, gold green, etc)
  • Chinese also called “dragonfish”
  • can grow alomost 1 meter long
  • best bait – small live fish, cricket

Wild Arowana


wild arowana kuala koh

My big surprise !!!! beautiful arowana


This magnificent creature has bite live small bait fish during my fishing trip at Taman Negara Kuala Koh. This National Park located in state of Kelantan, 5 hours driving form Kuala Lumpur. As you can see she live in crystal clear deep slow moving water. This fish is a stealth predator that can attack with a powerful stamina. It can jump almost a meter and break the fishing line. It normally a game fish for a freshwater caster.

wild arowana fishing spot

Best spot to catch wild arowana


Arowana is a popular aquarium fish due to it color appearance. Malaysian normally do not eat this fish. Great anglers must know the rule and regulation especially for endangered species. Catch and released is a a good practice.