Fishing Bait Dilemma

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What in your mind when you go fishing and come home empty handed, normally a lot of complaint will appear. Some anglers may may admit not their luck but other will throw any one of a number of reasons. Basically fishing world is not that simple. As an anglers you need to know about good fishing bait, in order for you to determine the specific reason why you come home empty handed from fishing trip. Often, most of it due to your fishing bait. Best fishing bait selection is the main criteria for you to catch your trophy.

Fishing Bait


multi fishing bait multiple catch

Multiple catch with multi bait type

There are many fishing technique and fishing spot that required specific fishing bait. Knowing the best bait to use will ensure your great achievement. Depending on what kind of fishing you are doing, you will need different kinds of bait. There are several element you need to consider before choosing your bait such as fishing spot ecosystem, bait quality, native fresh bait, homemade bait or modern lure.

Universal bait such as worm and maggot can generate you a good fishing result or it will go better if you use a fatter longer worm. In reality, with and great fishing research and development, there are many type of fishing lure and soft plastic in the market that also have great credibility. It come handy for you as long as you are willing to spend.

On top of that, there are anglers who will swear by using bait that they have made themselves, with many arguing that bread is an excellent standby. The simple truth is that choosing your bait is not that simple. It up to you whether to use natural fresh native bait, commercial bait that sell at fishing shop or fish market or modern lure and soft plastic.

Last but not least, you have to consider the type of fishing equipment. Your fishing gear must suit with your bait you want to use. Sometime, when you are trying to land a fish that you want to hooked other fish just keep on bite it, then you need to change your bait. Here are example why your need to have more than one type of bait in your fishing trip. This is just one example, and there are many others. Ask around with more experienced fishermen to see if they have any useful tips to break your fishing bait dilemma.