Great Anglers Should Do Great Thing

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Most important elements great anglers must do. It can be ours core value. Lets do it !!!! others will follow.

Great anglers Striking big Hampala at Kenyir

Striking big Hampala at Kenyir


10 Great Anglers Tips


1.Catch and released.

If you going to fishing trip just to enjoy the excitement fighting with big and long stamina fish such as billfish or gaint travelly, as great anglers you must quickly released back the fish into water  as quickly as possible without hurting or kill it. Try to reduce taking too long time for photo session.

2. Do not littering at fishing spot.

Beside your enjoyable time at fishing spot, please help to save our environment for our next generation. Great anglers will keep any rubbish and dispose with a proper way. You must become as an ambassador with nature.

3. Improve your fishing knowledge.

Fishing is a journey, the more you experience it more knowledge you will gain. There are a lot of ways that can help you to master fishing technique. You surf in the web, read fishing book, magazine and also videos.

4. Mastering handling a boat.

It a bonus if you as an angler can handle a boat well. Beside that you also need to have some knowledge to service and repair a boat and it engine.

5. Know to swim.

As you know water is anglers friend. Know to swim well will give you extra safety during your fishing trip. On top of that always wear your life jacket when you fishing.

6. Follow rule and regulation

Where ever you go, always alert to any rule and regulation impose. Strictly follow and do not break it.

7. Respect with other anglers

Always show a good spirit and teamwork. Do not hurt others emotionally or physically. Make a friend and happily enjoy the fishing moment together.

8. Do not released any foreign fish species into fishing spot

You are strictly must not released any foreign species into fishing spot. It will create problem to the ecosystem and can damage it permanently especially if the fish that you released are predator species that can multiply and grow fast.

9. Share the fishing knowledge

Always share your fishing experience, tips and tricks with other. Always become helpful to other anglers. By sharing and discuss with others you can gain more knowledge.

10. Grow the fishing Industry

Always encourage others to go fishing. Tell them about your exciting trip and show them the perfect fishing equipment. Teach them the correct fishing technique. The most important thing are to educate how to become great angler.